An Uncommon perspective starts with a story all its own. For Ben Troupe, that vision is one worth sharing.

A Swainsboro, Georgia-native raised with his father often incarcerated and fighting addiction, Troupe, who earned All-American honors as a standout tight end at the University of Florida and played six seasons in the NFL, doesn't merely have life experiences, he has life lessons. Troupe, through it all, has had a passion for people. He, now a syndicated daily radio host, published sports writer and accomplished speaker, has a message that is meaningful and memorable. Exposure has shaped Troupe's frame of reference, one he is eager to share. From starring at football's highest level to, at times, struggling with the aftermath, Troupe has seen life from all angles. 

What Troupe sees is authentic, motivated and true. 

The Uncommon Tour continues to bring Troupe to businesses and schools both regional and nationwide. A larger-than-life personality, his presence has become a platform. For a 6'5'' former football player, his shadow is far from all that follows. There is an energy that moves with him step-by-step. Growing up in a rural town in the Peach State, Troupe has lived in New York and Nashville, the Bay Area and Tampa Bay; what he has seen has helped shaped who he is. The end result is a man still maturing, one victorious and vulnerable alike. While some may be confident, Troupe is convinced.

 That message comes with a power that resonates.


A football star, a media brand, a man of faith, a father and a son, Troupe, an advocate and a volunteer, is many things and many more to come. His Uncommon Tour, bold, challenging and stimulating, is an opportunity to channel his spirit, a chance to take it and, given Troupe's history, take it all the way. On the field, Troupe's determination made him a national name; off the field, it has helped him find his purpose. Though Troupe, the player, was well-known, Troupe, the person, is worth knowing. His outlook inspires. 

Having talked to groups across the country, interacting with athletes, professionals, soldiers and students, Troupe's Uncommon Tour is ready for the next chapter. Leading and learning, his story continues.